General User Policy

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    The computers in the Winona Public School District, and the network to which they are connected, are here to help you to be more effective in your work, to facilitate your communication with your colleagues, and to put the resources of the Internet at your disposal.  The computers and the system that they are connected to are personal tools.  At the same time, the computers and the computer network were purchased and are maintained by the Winona Public School District.  Therefore, the District has some responsibilities (legal, practical, and moral) that it must address.


    If you are using the Internet or District network the District does have a reasonable expectation that you will comply with the expectations for Internet set forth in the following policy.  The District does not have the time nor interest in checking anyone’s mail or Internet log, but as a practical and legal matter the District must retain the right to do so if circumstances warrant.


    Computer and Software:


    Winona Public School District computers will be installed and maintained ONLY by authorized staff.  Only the District Technology Coordinator can authorize the installation or maintenance of either hardware or software on the District computers and computer network.


    A.   Many individuals have software, which they might like to install on their computers to enhance their productivity.  However, the District has an obligation to ensure that software on its computers is being used in accordance with that software’s license, and to ensure that the software installed, as well as, the method of installation does not create difficulties on the individual computer or on the District network.  Staff members who wish to have a particular piece of software installed must certify that they are using the software according to license and must register the license information with the network administrator.


    1.    Games and other software not related to the mission of the Winona

    School District will not be installed on Winona Public School District   equipment.

    2.    Upgrading to another computer does not carry with it the right to ‘migrate’ software to that computer unless that software is wiped clean from the original computer.


    The District Network Administrator has the capacity to survey individual computers         through the network and will remove programs that have not been authorized for installation.

    B.   Any password protection, whether at the system level or the program level, must be registered with the network administrator.  The District needs the ability to access its own equipment.  Care must be taken to ensure that students or other unauthorized individuals can not change passwords.  A screen saver, which can be password protected, SHOULD NOT be password protected to prevent an unanticipated lockout.


    C.   Screen savers, sound events, wallpaper and other system additions represent the individual as well as the Winona Public School District when installed on equipment owned by the District.  These should not be sexually suggestive, or demeaning to    individuals or groups.  If any material should not be displayed in a classroom or in an office because of legal, ethical, or social rules, then this material should not be displayed on computers in a classroom or in an office.


    LAN, WAN and Internet:


    The Winona Public School District strongly believes in the educational value of the Internet and recognizes its potential to support the curriculum.  The District’s goal in providing access to the Internet is to promote educational excellence by facilitating research, innovation, communication, and business efficiency.  Access to the Internet is provided by a local area network.  The District reserves the right to block access to certain Internet sites.  


    Guidelines for use of the District network services include:


    A.   Understanding that all the rules of conduct described in the Winona Public School District Policies and Procedure Guide apply during use of the network

    B.   Understanding that assigned accounts will be used in support of the educational goals and objectives of the District and will not be used for inappropriate activities such as follows:

    1.    Excessive personal use of e-mail, chat rooms, and file transfer

    2.    Use of the Internet for personal financial gain including commercial advertising

    3.    Use of the network for political activities

    4.    Receipt of messages addressed to someone else or sending a message under someone else’s name

    5.    Transmittal of requests and receipt of materials inconsistent with the mission and values of the Winona Public School District

    6.    Transmittal of messages disclosing sensitive, confidential, restricted, non-public or proprietary information over the online system

    7.    Attempts to breach network security or transmit viruses

    8.    Use of network communications for sexual or other forms of harassment

    9.    Transmittal of jokes that are off-color through e-mail

    C.   Use of language appropriate for a public system in all communications

    D.   Respect of copyrighted materials including but not limited to e-mail, text, program, image, database, sound, and music files

    E.   Respect of software licensing of material received through the Winona Public School District

    F.    Understanding that there is no presumption of privacy for material stored, sent, received, or accessed through public funded computers and networks and that any such material can be monitored or spot-checked to ensure compliance with District policies

    G.   Understanding that legally any document pertaining to the public business on a publicly funded system is a public record

    H.   Understanding that there will be no downloading/installing of any computer software or files without proper authorization from the Technology Coordinator

    I.      Understanding that there will be no playing games or listening to music over the internet that is not deemed educational.



    Responsibility for Student Use


    All staff members will promote the guidelines of the Student Acceptable Use Policy for computers and computer network.  Staff members will instruct students in acceptable use of the computers, the Internet resources, and proper network etiquette.  While students are under their supervision, each staff member will be held responsible for student use of the computers and computer network.


    Web Pages


    A web page published on the World Wide Web reflects upon the web page author as well as the school district.  For this reason, the District Technology Sub-Committee for web page design must approve all web pages before being published. 




    Individuals who violate the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy for Staff will be subject to a series of sanctions including the installation of a restrictive lock-down on their classroom workstations and restriction or revocation of District Network and Internet e-mail and Web privileges.  Disciplinary sanctions may include termination and/or non-renewal of employment as described in the Winona Public School District Policy and Procedures Guide.  These sanctions are to legally protect the District and to ensure that individual systems, as well as the network, function properly and are used appropriately.